Release of v3.4

  • Naga anf Shesha are pur-python module
  • CarmaWrap and SheshaWrap are pur-wrapper module using pybind
  • minor debug

for Internal developments:

  • rename internal variables

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Release of v3.2

  • Re-up the database feature that allows to skip initialisation phase by re-using results of previous similar simulation runs

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Release of v3.0

  • Binding based on pyBind11
  • N-faces pyramid WFS
  • Introduce masked pixels centroider
  • Introduce GUARDIANS package
  • Introduce a way to check installation
  • Debug pupil alignment (for non circular pupil)
  • Shesha supervisor module improvement
  • Remove the use of bytes (string instead)

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Release of v2.0

  • code refactored
  • Debug SH spots and PSF moves
  • Debug Widget
  • Fix build failure with cython 0.28
  • Other minor debug

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Release of v1.1

the Easter Bunny came and before hiding chocolate eggs everywhere, it came with a new update of compass V1.1

  • update parameter files
  • add pyr_misalignments
  • add rtc_standalone
  • add dm_standalone
  • add supervisor between simulation and widget

Release of v1.0

For the valentine’s day, we can offer you to test new features on COMPASS:

  • kernel reduce uses thrust to have more repeatability
  • the pyr centroider method uses by default nosin_global method
  • cleaner implementation of sutra_controller::comp_voltage
  • cleaner implementation of sutra_source::raytrace
  • add default areas for SCAO models
  • factorization of shesha_simulator initializations
  • widget can take “-d” option to use specific devices (separated by comma)

Update master to v0.5

  • update CUDA with 9.1
  • update magma with 2.3.0
  • update centroider_pyr method
  • remove used functions in sutra_target
  • add set_seed and refresh_screen in sutra_turbu
  • update parameter files
  • update documentation
  • Wrap sutra_bind to handle import error
  • update widget with multi-display