Update master to v0.5

  • update CUDA with 9.1
  • update magma with 2.3.0
  • update centroider_pyr method
  • remove used functions in sutra_target
  • add set_seed and refresh_screen in sutra_turbu
  • update parameter files
  • update documentation
  • Wrap sutra_bind to handle import error
  • update widget with multi-display

Important update

Today, an important update has been made on the project.

Please, checkout on the main branch (the develop one is now deprecated and not used) and pull the update.

Off-axis WFS simulations and DM conjugated in altitude was not running correctly… Fortunately, we have solved the problem in this update.

The patch note follows:

  • Turbulent layer size was not taking into account possible off-axis WFS –> corrected
  • DM size was wrong if conjugated in altitude –> corrected
  • Thanks to these debugs, MCAO works now
  • Add possibility to set a negative margin_out in Param_dm, so actuators inside the pupil diameter can be filtered

Site release

Finally, we did it!! Here is the all the information you need concerning COMPASS, including installation instructions and an user manual.

We will continue to update this site as we are still developing the platform.

All important update on the Git repository will be detailed on the News page: follow it to get informed of each new feature or bug resolution!