Release of v5.4.3

COMPASS v5.4.3 release notes:

  • Add a threshold in the wcog centroider
  • Use dm_index instead of 0 in get_influ_function
  • Replace all deprecated np.bool by native bool

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Release of v5.4.2

COMPASS v5.4.2 release notes:

  • Hotfix: remove clipping from pyramid slope-based kernel
  • Add python 3.10 support

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Release of v5.4.1

COMPASS v5.4.1 release notes:

  • Coronagraph hotfix
  • update LICENSE to LGPL

There is also a news system to build conda binaries. We hope it will not create problems on your system

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Release of v5.4.0

COMPASS v5.4.0 release notes:

  • Add new GPU-based coronagraph module providing implementation of perfect coronagraph and APLC-like
  • Add new parameters p_wfs.kernconv4imat to enable/disable the feature of using a kernel convolution on the SH spots during interaction matrix computation. Default value is True to keep the same behaviour as previous versions of COMPASS
  • Add new TwoStagesManager class in shesha supervisors: this class shows an example of how to handle 2 stages AO systems with COMPASS.
  • Add cupy interface for carmaWrap.CarmaObj object
  • Add support for CUDA 12
  • Add pySide2 support to have another library available to handle GUI
  • Minor fixes and improvements

There is also a news system to build conda binaries. We hope it will not create problems on your system

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Release of v5.3.0

COMPASS v5.3.0 release notes:

  • New feature: User-defined phase screens circular buffer in the telescope. Allows to put a cube of phase screens as an additional input of the telescope.
  • New feature: Field stop can now be used with SHWFS. Does not simulate flux reduction.
  • Modification of the custom DM construction: see the new tutorial dedicated to this topic
  • Support for clang compiler
  • Fix a bug of the KL basis computation due to the move from MAGMA to CUSOLVER library
  • Minor fixes

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Release of v5.2.1

COMPASS v5.2.1 release notes:

  • Add new geometric WFS method which takes into account pupil masks
  • Bug fixes:
    • Wind interpolation
    • Slope-based pyramid centroider “pyr”
    • Pupil transpose
    • Generic linear controller

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Release of v5.2.0

COMPASS v5.2.0 release notes:

  • Add linear generic controller (cf. Tutorials page for more informations)
  • Remove unused nvalid argument from controller signatures
  • Debug WFS NCPA that were applied twice
  • Debug RTC standalone
  • Debug P2P GPU access
  • Debug roket script in guardians
  • Pytests debug
  • Debug centroider to make it right with any number of sub-aperture and pixel per subap
  • Debug geometric slope computation

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Release of v5.1.1

COMPASS v5.1.1 release notes:

  • New class ParamConfig to handle parameters configuration : supervisor constructor requires an instance of it now
  • Multi GPU controller generic improvements
  • Standalone RTC debug + pytests
  • Add leaky factor in the generic controller
  • Add CLOSE algorithm implementation
  • Multi controllers support in the supervisor
  • Sub-pixels move for phase screens
  • GuARDIANS package updated
  • Code documentation update

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Plan for COMPASS

We want to share with you our view of COMPASS roadmap after today’s release of v5.1.0. If COMPASS is efficient as of today, we also want to make it easier to use and to contribute for. We are aware of the current software architecture may be a bit complex with all those layers (Python, C++, CUDA) : we are looking for the API provided by NVIDIA and third party libraries like CuPy to simplify the code, and maybe converging into a full Python stack while keeping the performance as high as today and even better. An other important point for the future of COMPASS is portability : today, we fully rely on CUDA, and we want to make COMPASS compatible with any hardware. We aim to provide some kind of abstraction layers which will make the hardware implementation transparent for the code, and so make as easy as possible COMPASS portability on any platform. [Read More]


Just for information, COMPASS can run under WSL.

follow this tutorial: CUDA on WSL :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation

Some important points:

  • you must register in the Microsoft Windows Insider Program in the dev channel in order to have a build version 20145 or higher
  • Install the nvidia CUDA on WSL driver
  • Install the cuda-toolkit-11-1 instead of the cuda-toolkit-11-0
  • Do not choose the cuda, cuda-11-1, or cuda-drivers meta-packages under WSL 2

Afterwards, it’s quite easy.

For the X11, you have to install Xming

Important points:

  • Windows Terminal is pretty cool application
  • in wsl’s .bashrc, add:
export DISPLAY=$(awk '/nameserver / {print $2; exit}' /etc/resolv.conf 2>/dev/null):0

For COMPASS itself: COMPASS installation