Release of v5.4.0

COMPASS v5.4.0 release notes:

  • Add new GPU-based coronagraph module providing implementation of perfect coronagraph and APLC-like
  • Add new parameters p_wfs.kernconv4imat to enable/disable the feature of using a kernel convolution on the SH spots during interaction matrix computation. Default value is True to keep the same behaviour as previous versions of COMPASS
  • Add new TwoStagesManager class in shesha supervisors: this class shows an example of how to handle 2 stages AO systems with COMPASS.
  • Add cupy interface for carmaWrap.CarmaObj object
  • Add support for CUDA 12
  • Add pySide2 support to have another library available to handle GUI
  • Minor fixes and improvements

There is also a news system to build conda binaries. We hope it will not create problems on your system

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